Company History


Daniel A. Rodeno & Associates was founded in 1994 by Dan Rodeno. Prior to that, Dan was the worldwide sales director for a prominent line of safety gloves. In that capacity, he created a network of reps and distributors to take these safety products to market around the globe.

Dan's experience with rep firms was that only a small percentage of them truly earned their commissions, while most, despite what their promotional materials stated, preferred to operate as order-takers... hardly hustling to generate increased sales or to open new accounts. It was from this experience that Dan envisioned the “ideal” rep firm.

Early in 1994, Dan had the opportunity to follow his dream of creating a rep firm for safety and industrial products unlike any other. The true test of Dan's vision of creating a firm with the passion to know each product thoroughly, to work as a partner with distributor and end user customers to help them best meet the product application needs, and to tirelessly work to expand sales and develop new markets/accounts is best measured in the performance of Daniel A. Rodeno & Associates, LLC... one of the fastest growing manufacturers representative firms serving the industrial Midwest.