Industrial Product Lines


All-Tech Specialty Fasteners is a full-line fastener / electronic hardware distributor servicing all industries. Our product offering is unmatched, as we can produce rare or exotic materials along with providing unique coatings/finishes, allowing for our product depth to be endless. All-Tech serves industries such as Medical, Aerospace, Electronic, Telecommunication, and more.

EMCO is a leading manufacturer and fabricator of high-performance plastics. Our machining capabilities include laser cutting, CNC machining, drape forming, edge finishing, polishing, plastic welding, and more. We stock over 100+ materials that we can offer in the various shapes, including sheet, bar, rod, tube, film, and profile.

Market leader in industrial aerosol paints, and is known as an industry leader in product innovation, package design, project inspiration and color. (Michigan and Toledo markets only)

Moldtech is a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative custom rubber molded and over molded products. Moldtech utilizes a full line of elastomers that are custom fabricated to meet the needs of several different industries, including Aerospace, Military, Medical, Food Processing, Industrial, Automotive, Electronics, and Construction. We specialize in finding the right solution for complex parts in challenging applications.

Repco is the industry-leading source for wholesale replacement electrical contactors, control coils, carbon brushes and more. We are an electrical contacts manufacturer that also supplies replacement carbon brushes for all the major motor manufacturers.

Sprayon® has established itself as the leader in developing reliable, innovative solutions for the most demanding industrial and MRO applications. Our products and programs are designed to meet the needs of today‚Äôs industrial maintenance professional. (Michigan and Toledo markets only)

USA Sealing produces and carries the deepest selection of products for sealing and flow products, including Seals, Gaskets, Tubing, and Fittings to suit a variety of applications and industries. We also produce Raw Material stock shapes of Plastics, Rubber, and Foam, and many other materials that can be used to fabricate finished products that fit your design applications.